Orange vs Blackcurrant Brief

Orange vs Blackcurrent is my submission to the GMC Jam 18


In the Utopian future of 1992, juice has become so tasty that it became the center of peoples lives. People began to write songs about their favorite juice, then monuments and then eventually, whole societies centered around their most beloved consumable liquid. This eventually lead to a full-scale war between people who liked Orange Juice the best and people who preferred Blackcurrant Juice and so people shot orange and blackcurrant at each other. The war was gruesome and sticky and eventually leaders of the two juices came to a fragile truce to stop the carnage and violence.

This leads us to today, the war-torn nation divided into two, the ‘Orange Lovers’ and the ‘Blackcurrant Patriots’. A peace treaty has been written to be signed by the leader of both nations on the 27th April, however both nations have had scientists work on the ultimate weapon: A juice so pure and tasty, it has the power to convert people from one nation to the other. Now at the signing of the peace treaty, both nations have employed secret soldiers to shoot the juice at any enemy troops and eventually the other nations leader and win the war before the treaty is signed.


The game will be a short and sweet (like juice) Top-down shooter game where the player will choose a side (Orange or Blackcurrant) and shoot juice at enemy soldiers to progress. Rather than a health bar you will have a ‘deliciousness’ meter which if the enemy fills, you will restart the level converted, and switch sides.

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